The Authors

Much of the content on the home page is courtesy of these incredible writers:

John D. Cramer, LEED AP blogs about contemporary architecture and preservation issues at

Jean Follett has her doctorate in architectural historian. She has worked in the field of historic preservation for over 30 years. When she’s not filling in as Interim Executive Director at Landmarks Illinois, she works on National Register nominations and community preservation issues.

Nate Lielasus, AIA is an architect who lives and works in Chicago. He has been a resident of the city since 2004, when he moved to the West Side after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans. During the day he can be found at Northworks Architects and Planners. Since 2011 he has been a volunteer docent with Friends of Second Presbyterian Church, where he gives architectural tours and is researching the unusual stone used in construction of the church.

Matt Seymour holds a BA in History from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse and a MS in Historic Preservation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is employed by Central Building and Preservation in Chicago.

3 Responses to “The Authors”
  1. Ana Luna says:

    Chris Morris,
    I have read your article on the Campbell Correctional Center. Its a great excerpt! I am currently writing a piece about the building for my senior thesis and I am particularly interested in your research on the US Bureau of Prisons and the political tensions surrounding the construction of the site. I am also looking for any kind of connection the building had with Richard Daley. If you can shed light on these matters, I would love an email. Thanks.

  2. Gretchen Buggeln says:

    Fantastic site! I’d like to communicate with Matt Seymour about his research on Dart. I’m working on a book about the religious architecture and culture of the postwar suburbs (Midwest, primarily) and have been to a number of Dart churches. I’m also looking at the churches of Charles Stade, and those of the Minnesota architect Edward Sovik. Please send me an email. Gretchen Buggeln, Valparaiso University.

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